Separate hostel facilities are provided for our students in the campus .Three by fourth of the college students seek admission in the hostels. In the hostel there are 55rooms and each room accommodates 6students.A recreation hall cum study hall with facilities like TV, News Paper, Indoor Games are provided. The faculty can also make use of hostel facilities in case of need. There is JYOTHI health centre to provide medical aid facilities for the students.

Amma Vodi:

Education for all is a fundamental right. As such there is a provision to all sections of students to pursue their studies. Amma Vodi is applied for all students.

Career Guidance Cell:

College Management arranges Seminars on Saturdays especially to educate the students on various Skills like Reasoning and comprehensive Learning so that the students may have all round development.


Counseling committee takes the responsibility to probe into the causes of emotional and physiological stress of poor academic achievers. Such students are assisted with continual care and concern. This helps the introvert and unsocial child to overcome the academic and social deficiencies.

Bridge Course:

Bridge course is available for the vocational groups for both first and second year students. It helps the students to join for DEGREE course.